How Do I Know If I Have Black Mold?

How do I know if I have Black Mold? Is black mold dangerous?

Also, do I have duty after a loss to mitigate my home from future damage that could be caused by mold? YES, this is standard policy language after a loss that requires you to mitigate your loss from future damage. Your policy will also advise you to make the emergency repairs necessary to protect your property from anything that could cause additional damages to your home.

Mold is something you can easily see but it can be hidden behind materials such as walls, cabinets, ceilings, or floors. It also has a very distinct smell that would warrant further investigation. 

Are there different types of Black Molds? Yes, and mold is usually the result of a water loss that is covered by your insurance policy. So finding the cause of the water loss or water intrusion is where you should start because before you open a claim. An insured would want to open the insurance claim based on the cause of the water damage that created the mold in your home or business. Black Mold can be different colors but its most frequently gray, green, and sometimes look dark blue. It forms in what looks like clusters and can sometimes look slimy, fluffy growing outward, and spotty.

It can sometimes and very frequently give off a musty and damp odor. Furthermore, the only person licensed in most states to review the mold in your home and properly test for the mold to see the extent of the damage is a licensed mold assessor. Hiring a Public Adjuster from the start of the investigation is key to making sure you file the claim on the proper cause of the loss that leads to the mold and also will prevent you from making any mistakes on a recorded line that could get your insurance claim settlement not put under the small amount of mold coverage usually granted you by a standard HO3 policy which is typically a $10,000 mold coverage limit. 

We promise you that hiring the right public adjuster from the start of the insurance claims process will give you a better chance of a successful outcome when filing a claim to not only gain coverage but also help you recoup the most amount of money owed to you based on policy language.

Insurance companies operate at a profit for a reason because the insured thinks they can fight the insurance company and win. We are sorry to share the harsh facts with you but this is rarely ever the case if ever the case. The insurance claims system is a well-designed machine that is set up for the insured to lose. Let an Experienced Public Adjusters represent you and help you win.

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