How Do I File a National General Insurance Claim

When you and your loved ones need to file a National General Insurance Claim to recover after a calamity, we are here to help you sail through the journey. With the help of our experienced claims professionals, you can overcome the challenges as quickly as possible. You and your family benefit from the clear communication and technology-enabled service that we offer. It’s not for nothing that thousands of individuals trust our claims services to help protect life and retirement, homes and property, and more. Before opening any homeowner insurance claim, you should always have a free consultation with an Experienced Public Adjuster. Our focus is to work in your best interest and advocate for you, all the while ensuring the journey is smooth and seamless. 

Perils that are covered under an insurance policy that occur in your home have to be paid out by the insurer, but the very first step is the claim filing process. 

Immediately notify your agent in writing, at the fastest possible moment. A policy is a contract that is binding between you and your insurer, which means there are systematic procedures in place that one will have to follow, read on to know more.

As you can imagine, a calamity like a fire, tornado, hurricane, etc. has the potential to cause immense damage to your property, as well as emotional trauma for you and your family. The assistance of a qualified and experienced public insurance adjuster can help you to get an equitable settlement from your insurance company.

If the need arises to file an insurance claim, contact Experienced Public Adjusters today and speak with a Licensed Insurance Professional who will advocate on your behalf. Our clients are quite amazed when they learn how much their insurance claim is worth and that they can be reimbursed for all of their losses.

When you contact us, we will review your insurance claim and policy, free of any cost. If we feel we can help you with your claim, we’ll start the process immediately. Experienced Public Adjusters will prepare and submit as needed:

  • All documentation required by your insurance company.
  • Images of the damage to your property.
  • Damage assessments from construction professionals.
  • Mold assessments from licensed mold remediators.
  • Legal documentation as required and anything else that is needed to get you a fair settlement offer

We keep you informed every step of the way through your insurance claim, and we’ll let you know the best settlement that you could accept from the insurance company.

We understand the needs of homeowners and provide our clients with a confidentiality agreement to protect their privacy when we take on the honor of representing them in the insurance claims process. Please call us today for a free insurance claim consultation.