How Do I File a Fire Damage Claim?

According to the National Fire Protection Association, in 2018, it was estimated that a fire department responded to a fire every 24 seconds in the United States!

A Fire damage insurance claim is destructive and is mostly caused by electrical appliance malfunction, old wiring, kitchen mishaps, lightning strikes, or wildfires. This means that you need to be alert always and protect your precious home and family from damage caused by fire. It is unrealistic to believe that you can avoid fires entirely, however, following fire safety measures can somewhat lessen the damage. At the same time, a homeowner’s insurance policy is essential to protect you. Further, as a measure of caution, install smoke detectors and fire extinguishers, regularly service your heating system, and take care when cooking. 

Experienced Public Adjusters process of filing a fire claim: 

  •       First, call emergency services. Once the fire is doused, call Experienced P{ublic Adjusters we will contact the insurance company on your behalf . A claims adjuster from the insurance company will schedule a visit to assess the damage and see if you require temporary housing.
  •       LoWe work with trustworthy companies that specialize in fire and smoke restoration so that your items like furniture, electronics, and clothes that have been damaged by smoke or water may be cleaned and restored.
  •        We will take photographs evidencing the damage. Based on these photographs, your insurance company will decide further course of action. They may send a restoration expert or an investigator.
  •       Maintain receipts of all expenses incurred so that if required, you can ask for compensation.
  •       Fires release dangerous toxins, and the resultant smoke and soot can adhere to the walls, furniture, and clothing – so be careful as this can affect your health.

You purchase home insurance to make good your financial loss after an accident or disaster. The whole claims process may appear quite simple to you as you believe that your insurance company will compensate for what you have lost in the fire. You will be required to file a ‘total loss’ fire claim if the entire property has been gutted in the fire. Accordingly, your insurance company will have to pay you the full amount as per your policy limit.

Sadly, reality presents a different picture as fire insurance claims are quite complicated. To begin with, these entail a lot of paperwork, and your insurance company may cut down your claim or deny it based on technicalities. They may refuse to pay for water damage, which may take place due to the water used by the firefighters. Also, if you cannot find exact records or receipts to claim the replacement cost of possessions, all the more reason for your insurance company to reduce your claim.

While you’re coping with the trauma of your loss, you need support to bounce back and deal with the demands of the situation. A licensed Public Adjuster who is not part of the insurance company would be the best person to assist you. At Experienced Public Adjusters, we have a professional team that will help you with all aspects of a fire damage insurance claim, including smoke damage, which usually is more pervasive than fire damage.

Contact us at Experienced Public Adjusters for help with a fire damage insurance claim and the settlement you deserve.