HOA Claim & COA Claim

What’s Covered By A Condo Association or Homeowners Association’s Insurance Policy? 

Do you have a COA insurance claim? Do you have an HOA insurance Claim?

Condo Owner Association Policies typically cover the structure of the building and common areas. A Homeowner Association may only cover the common areas. The association’s policy, however, may or may not extend to the inside or exterior of your unit. And its coverages are dependent on Florida state laws.

Condo and Homeowners association’s insurance policies are difficult to navigate through and will be very different. First, check your state law to see if it provides insurance minimums for condos or HOA’s Florida, for instance, it has a statute that establishes insurance requirements. You can research these laws under section 718 of the Florida statutes, which covers condos, or Section 720, which covers HOA’s. In addition to your state’s statute, you must understand your HOA or COA’s governing documents or By-Laws.

Who is responsible for my loss? My insurance policy or the association?

It’s important to understand what a homeowners and condo association’s policy covers and how that differs from a homeowners or condo owner’s insurance policy. Most of the time Homeowners and Condo Associations boards are a group of people elected by the community and are owners of condo units or homes within their community. Also, the association will usually hire a management company that dedicates and LCAM to oversee the association.

What is an LCAM?

An LCAM is a Licensed Community Association Manager who is trained and licensed by the state of Florida to take the stress off of the shoulders of the owner and Board members living under a Homeowners’ Association or Condominium Association.  An LCAM has many responsibilities, which often include advising the HOA or COA Board and the community, monitoring an association’s finances, acting as a liaison when hiring and handling contractors, and advising the HOA or COA Board on changes in Florida state statutes.

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