Hail Damage Claim Assistance

When raindrops get carried upwards by storms into excessively cold areas of the atmosphere, they freeze, and the ensuing downpour is a hailstorm. So, hail damage is the damage to your home and property caused by hailstones and hailstorms. Property, vehicles, and even airplanes can receive considerable damage due to hailstones larger than 0.75 inches. It is reported that many parts of the U.S. receive hail more than six times a year, destroying homes and property. 

Data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) shows that there were over 5,300 hailstorms in the United States during the year 2019.

Destruction of houses and structures, harm to crops, and injuries to livestock are some deadly results of a hailstorm. Initially, it may not be detected easily. This can be a problem because you may not be able to file a claim within the stipulated time. So, it’s best to call a storm damage repair contractor who will inspect your home immediately after a hailstorm. 

Hail damage often occurs on roofs, siding, and windows of your home. Even small hailstones can cause a lot of damage to your roof. Damaged shingles lead to water leaking through the roof, slowly destroying the support structure, interior walls, or windows, staining the walls, and flooding your home.

It is necessary to do a brittle test to determine whether the roof can be repaired or if it qualifies for a total roof replacement. Wind-borne wreckage and pounding winds laden with hail do the most harm to the exterior of your home. The siding of your home may show cracks or holes besides chipping. Both vinyl and aluminum siding can be seriously damaged during a hailstorm. Severe storms can damage stucco, and brick walls. Strong winds carrying hail can smash the glass or loosen the seals on your windows. The proper functioning of electrical appliances like AC / HVAC units can get impaired.

Most homeowner’s insurance policies cover storms, including hail, tornado, and wind damage.

They also cover the repair or replacement of your home and its contents up to defined limits. It is always beneficial to have your homeowner’s insurance policy to include a liability clause, which protects you if someone unfortunately gets injured on your property due to your carelessness. 

Seeing your home destroyed by a brutal hailstorm resulting in extensive property damage, then thinking of restoring it, can leave you helpless. You should also be aware that insurance companies often specify a time limit by when a claim may be submitted after the occurrence of a hailstorm. To save yourself the anxiety of having to deal with your insurance company in the middle of a crisis, it’s best to hire the services of a professional Public Adjuster. This individual’s qualifications and years of experience in dealing with insurance companies ensure that your claim is reviewed in detail and that you’re properly compensated. Further, your Public Adjuster coordinates with other experts like engineers and consultants to estimate the level of damage and cost of repairs.

Call Experienced Public Adjusters before you file your hail damage claimThis is a sure way to manage the claim filing process from beginning to end to reach a fair settlement.