EUO Insurance?

What is an Examination Under Oath?

Do you have to attend an Examination Under Oath?

This could just mean the insurance company is looking for a reason to not pay your insurance claim! We represent residential insurance policyholders and commercial policyholders on all claim types.

What is a EUO when it comes to an insurance claim? EUO stands for an Examination Under Oath it can be requested by the insurance company. Insurance Company with a request this EUO to use it to attempt to either scare someone into dropping a claim or to investigate someone who filed a claim under oath to see if insurance fraud is being committed. This is our opinion but we see it used frequently as a scare tactic by insurance companies to get out of paying a valid insurance claim. The insurance company sells a private homeowner or business owner a private insurance policy which means that in exchange for this insurance policy and the policy coverages on your property they receive a premium. This consideration by both parties completes their contractual obligation to complete a contract. There are certain duties required of the insured in this policy they are required to comply with and typically they have the right to an Examination Under Oath or a Recorded Statement. If you have been requested to give a recorded statement this is not under oath. However, an examination under oath may require that you consult with an attorney before you decide to sit for this. Experienced Public Adjusters will represent your insurance claim and we are the best at what we do. However, we are not attorneys and can not represent you in legal matters or provide you attorney-client privilege. Privity of contract means you were a party involved when the contract was enacted. A 3rd party that gets involved in helping with an insurance claim such as a Public Adjuster does not have “privity of contract.” This is a legal matter but at the advice of legal counsel Public Adjusters do not in most cases have to sit for an Examination Under Oath when helping an insured in an insurance claim. (However, if you are a Public Adjuster you should consult an attorney before making any decision if you receive notice to sit for a EUO or Examination Under Oath.

We are Experienced Public Adjusters and we also know when its time to advise you when it is no longer in an insured best interest to have us lead an insurance claim and when we would advise our client that they may want to consult with an attorney. An Examination Under Oath is a serious request and should be taken as such.