Does Experienced Public Adjusters Serve Mount Dora?


Mount Dora Public Adjuster

Mount Dora is a quaint little gem of a town tucked away in Central Florida. Mount Dora is situated in Lake county that has 1400 named lakes and its elevation of 184 feet above sea level qualifies it as a Mount in the State of Florida. At one time citrus was the major industry in the area, with a large percentage shipped from Mount Dora  Research shows that in 1846 Lake Dora is named for Dora Ann Drawdy. She and her husband built their home two miles south of Mount Dora. Slowly the town grew in population and was officially named Mount Dora in 1883. Today, Mount Dora is filled with a historic charm and has many arts and craft shops, restaurants, festivals, and serves as a great place for tourism. The current population is approximately 14,000. The 2011 census bureau shows that there are $4,123 homes in Mount Dora.

As with any town or city, Mount Dora can suffer property losses to their homes and businesses. When this happens you are in need of a Public Adjuster which is your private adjuster representing you to help you maximize and reach a fair settlement. We currently serve Mount Dora and all of Lake County from our Corporate Headquarters: