Do You Have Outdoor Evidence Of Roof Damage?

Do You Have Outdoor Evidence of Roof Damage?

The first thing you should do is take a walk around your home’s perimeter to inspect for pieces of shingles and visually take a look at the roof:

  • Look for areas where shingle edges look slightly raised or abnormal, which tells you the seals may have possibly been broken.
  • Specifically inspect for narrow lines near the edges of the shingle which can indicate they could have been flipped up and creased.
  • Scratch marks are common from wind damage across the roof field where wind-borne debris has been carried across the roof.
  • Obvious damages soffit vents and ridges.
  •  Chimney flashing could be cracked or gaping.
  •  Torn, curled, or raised shingles along the roof edges are another sign of high-velocity wind damage.
  • Deposits of debris such as tree branches, foreign objects, or broken glass in the gutters or on the roof.

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