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Why hire a Local Tampa Public Adjuster?

There are many types of property damage adjusters in the United States. If you are specifically in Tampa, Florida that resides in Hillborough County or in the surrounding counties like Pinellas County and you need a Tampa public claims adjuster to help you with an insurance claim then give Experienced Public Adjusters a call. We are a team of Private Adjusters that help private homeowners and private business owners that have an insurance claim. We are located in Downtown Tampa, Florida close to City Hall and have offices in Orlando, Naples, and Daytona Beach, Florida. We are also licensed public adjusters in Montana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

Having a local Central Florida Public Adjuster that resides in the Tampa Bay is crucial to helping you reach a successful outcome with your insurance company. Insurance companies have you as customers but they report there earnings and profits to their owners or their shareholders depending on the structure of their ownership.

Homeowners and business owners will suffer a fire loss and get calls from every public adjuster in Florida and every AOB or assignment of benefits contractor in Florida trying to solicit their business. Do you need to hire a Public Adjuster? YES Is it better to hire a local Tampa Public Adjuster? YES


There are so many reasons why you want to hire a local Tampa public adjuster to help you with your claim. Here are just a few reasons:

  1. State and Local Building Codes are essential knowledge your adjuster should have to know how to properly estimate the value of your loss so that you are not just brought back to pre-loss condition but if you have law and ordinance coverage then you will also have money to cover bringing your home or business up to the required building codes. Remember if you need a permit pulled you may be required to bring your house up to code even if you do not have coverage to pay for it. So please when buying your insurance policy consider getting or making sure you have law and ordinance coverage.
  2. Hillsborough and Tampa Bay Area construction or building costs are crucial to know when putting an estimate together for an insured. Xactimate is the software that almost all adjusters use to provide you an estimate for your loss but they have certain software line items that may not be an accurate value for the cost of a certain item or service in your local area. For example, in Tampa, the cost in Xactimate for windows is usually lower than it will be to actually buy the windows at a Tampa window store and the cost of installation is usually not accurate for your market.
  3. Knowing the Florida Statutes pertaining to first-party property insurance claims is important. It’s also important that the adjuster you hire is a resident, All Lines Adjuster (06-20 Florida License with The Department of Financial Services) that will be working for you as your private adjuster. It is also important to have a Public Adjuster on your side that knows to check the Companies Desk Adjusters license status and the Field Adjuster’s license status. If the people working for the insurance company are resident adjusters from another state it most likely means they will not know local construction costs, Florida building codes, and Florida Statutes so they follow the rules and pay you fairly.

Experienced Public Adjusters has a team of adjusters ready to serve the Tampa Bay area and we are always available and local for inspections to make sure an adjuster is always onsite for all insurance company required inspections. No matter the type of damage you have, fire, water damage, wind, electrical, or anything else, call our local office today for a no-cost claim review. (813) 355-9300