Can Water Damage Cause Tile Debonding?

Tile Debonding is a common result of water intrusion into your home usually from a covered loss from a property damage insurance claim. 

Tile flooring is cemented to its foundation when it is installed and laid in place to set. When a home experiences water intrusion it is common for floor tiles to become loose. Debonding is the technical term for tiles sounding hollow and becoming detached in part from the cemented adhesive to the concrete foundation of the subfloor. When water breaks the seal between the concrete and tile wich it bonds the tile to the floor it is called Tile Debonding. There are many types of covered losses that can cause water intrusion into your home or from the interior of your home. Here are some examples:

  1. Plumbing Leaks
  2. Wax Seal Leak
  3. Pipe Burst
  4. Slab Pipe Leak or Slab Pipe Burst
  5. Sewer Pipe Blockage
  6. Supply Line Leak
  7. Shower Pan Leak
  8. Pipe Leak
  9. Plumbing System Failure
  10. Garbage Dispenser Seal Failure
  11. Shower Drain or Drain Failure
  12. Hurricane Water Intrusion
  13. Hail Damage
  14. Wind Damage
  15. Tornado Damage
  16. Fire Damage and water forced into the home by the fire department.

In order to have validation of the cause of the debonding, it is helpful to have an engineer inspect the tile. If you want to check the area use a wood dowel. Tap on the tiles until you hear the difference between a sealed tile and a hollow tile.

If you have a water damage loss and you notice hollow tiles is best you call Experienced Public Adjusters to make sure you get paid fairly. Our Public Adjuster will come out to your home or business and complete a full inspection of your home and your property damage and provide you a free claim evaluation.