Asbestos In Your Home?

Asbestos in your home can kill you according to The Center for Disease Control.

“Current exposures to commercial asbestos in the United States occur predominantly during maintenance operations and remediation of older buildings containing asbestos (3,4). To update information on malignant mesothelioma mortality (5), CDC analyzed annual multiple cause-of-death records† for 1999–2015, the most recent years for which complete data are available. During 1999–2015, a total of 45,221 deaths with malignant mesothelioma mentioned on the death certificate as the underlying or contributing cause of death were reported in the United States, increasing from 2,479 deaths in 1999 to 2,597 in 2015 (in the same time period the age-adjusted death rates§ decreased from 13.96 per million in 1999 to 10.93 in 2015). Malignant mesothelioma deaths increased for persons aged ≥85 years, both sexes, persons of white, black, and Asian or Pacific Islander race, and all ethnic groups. Despite regulatory actions and the decline in use of asbestos the annual number of malignant mesothelioma deaths remains substantial. The continuing occurrence of malignant mesothelioma deaths underscores the need for maintaining measures to prevent exposure to asbestos fibers and other causative EMPs and for ongoing surveillance to monitor temporal trends.”

If you have an older home and popcorn ceilings you should check to see if their are sparkles. This is a sign that you have possible asbestos in your home.

You need to call an asbestos specialist that can get lab results and then follow the proper remediation protocol required.

A Public Adjuster will help see if you have the coverage’s to pay for the removal and fight to make sure it gets paid.

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