Storm Damage in Tampa

Tampa is not just a popular tourist destination but also a vibrant multi-cultural community. Did you know that Tampa has 146 parks with natural flora and fauna that attract people from all over the world? These parks are a haven for recreational activities, and residents enjoy playing tennis, fishing, jogging or hiking on the trails, or just browsing through the art studios. The peace and serenity of the locality attract homeowners in large numbers.

Tampa receives a lot of sunshine but experiences very heavy afternoon thunderstorms that can cause damage, as well. Due to the Bay’s location on the west coast, Tampa has not experienced a direct landfall of a hurricane since 1921. However, the resultant rainfall, strong winds, and storms are very common. If the intensity of a tropical storm increases, with continuous heavy winds up to 74 mph or even higher, it can turn into a hurricane. Storms are dangerous as they tend to escalate. In fact, hurricanes are one of the deadliest natural forms of disaster that affects the country. According to 24/7 Wall St. Special report, in the initial nine months of 2021, there were about 18 climate and weather disasters. Each incident cost more than one billion US dollars.

 Getting ready to face the Atlantic hurricane season can be a colossal task. You could start by doing some simple tasks like cutting down dead branches of trees on your property. Pack away your gardening tools and furniture in your shed or garage. Board up your windows and secure doors. Replenish gas tanks, keep some cash on hand, keep important documents and valuables in a safe place, and finally, the most important is to keep your emergency supplies kit ready. 

Most homeowners are aware of storm damage to their property, so purchasing home insurance is a necessity. Residents tend to depend on home insurance for repair and restoration. But it may not be as easy as it sounds. A detailed study by 24/7 WallSt. reveals that there are about half a million homes in the metro area in the Tampa Bay region. These homes are at high risk in case of a storm surge, and additionally, 1.1 million homes are at risk of hurricane damage. So, getting your home insurance claim is not going to be an easy experience for you. You need Experienced Public Adjusters on your side to get what is rightfully yours.

 Why do you need Experienced Public Adjusters?

 With increasing premium rates and difficulties in receiving your insurance claim, you find yourself in a corner. You need our team at Experienced Public Adjusters to assist you. We are dependable and dedicated to providing you service all year round. Our biggest strength lies in our expertise; we know how to tackle insurance claims smoothly so that you get the most out of the deal. We understand that you have paid all your premiums on time even with growing insurance rates, so you expect that you will receive your just insurance claim. As a homeowner, you should let the experts deal with the situation. You might panic or worry too much and settle for a lesser amount. If you do not want that to happen, choose Experienced Public Adjusters. Contact us today for expert advice about filing a storm damage claim in Tampa.