Public Insurance Adjuster Near Me

When you enter a search to find a “Public Insurance Adjuster Near Me” what is important for you to know?

Finding a local Public Adjuster has many benefits:

  1. State Licenced Public Adjusters understand the State Statutes that apply to 1st party property insurance claims and they know when the insurance company they are up against is in violation of the laws. Now Public Adjusters are not an attorney but the more knowledge they have of the State States the more beneficial they are to you in gaining leverage to help you successfully reach a fair insurance settlement.
  2. State and Local Building Codes are crucial for a Public Adjuster to know. They need to be able to account for every dollar owed to you to meet the State and Local Building Requirements so that you can reconstruct your home or business.
  3. County and Local permitting requirements. If you are going to have your home or business rebuilt you better have a Public Adjuster that understands what the requirements are and what permits are required, not to mention what the permitting office will require in order to get you a valid certification of completion or COC.
  4. Do you really want your claim delayed by a Public Adjuster from Out of State? We want you to have an expedited settlement if at all possible and your Public Adjusters should not be the cause of the delay because either they live too far away to make appointments or they live out of state and are trying to adjust your claim from a desk while sending other people to your home. If your Public Adjuster is not onsite for every inspection performed by your experts and the experts and adjusters from the insurance carrier they are doing you a disservice.
  5. Hire a local and Experienced Public Adjuster to get the quality of customer service and the best possible outcome you deserve.

Experienced Public Adjusters is currently in multiple states and is expanding through all 50 states over the next 12 months. If you want to hire the best trained Public Adjuster you need an adjuster from Experienced Public Adjusters. Call Us Today!

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