What Does It Mean To Adjust A Claim?

A Public Insurance Adjuster adjust a claim with and Insurance Company by negotiating an insurance claim and reaching a fair settlement that brings both parties to an agreement.

What is a Public Adjuster? We are a small network of unknown private adjuster specialists to most homeowners that are available to them to represent their best interest in an insurance claim. We only handle 1st party property insurance claims! That means when you file an insurance claim against your insurance policy for your home or your business we help you through the process from the beginning to the end of the claim removing the burden of fighting in a tough industry against insurance companies that operate with normally one goal to keep a healthy profit. From theft to a covered peril like wind, hail, or storm damage you need a local public adjuster that knows your building codes and permitting requirements, and the state statutes pertaining to 1st party property claims.

The great news is if you decide you need help which we believe everyone does then look no further because there are different levels of adjusters to hire and Experienced Public Adjusters is by far one of the top-rated public adjusting firms in the United States.

Do settle for just any Public Adjuster! We all are trained differently and have different levels of skill sets. Experienced Public Adjusters will always come out and do a free claim inspection onsite at your home or business. We are one phone call away from taking the burden off your hands and making sure you have the best chance of success to win an insurance claim.