How damaging and dangerous is mold?

Mold can have mild or severe health risks for individuals. According to mold experts studies have shown that it can be carcinogenic, can cause symptoms that may feel like allergies or flu-like symptoms. Furthermore, it may also have symptoms such as different types of infections, diarrhea, possible lung infections, and sinusitis. Mold and mildew can cause many problems, both to your family’s health and to your home. It can destroy drywall, wood, furniture and more. It also creates an environment where unwanted mites, rodents, roaches, and bacteria will live. To determine the extent of the mold and what types of molds you may have it would be best for you to hire a Licensed Mold Assessor to inspect your home for mold, and then complete air cell tests and take swab samples from specific areas that has visible mold so that it can be sent to a lab for the proper testing. Then once the lab provides the Licensed Mold Assessor he/she can explain the types of molds that exist and he can now write a mold protocol for the mold remediation of your home or business. Now you need to hire a Licensed Mold Remediator whose job it is to actually complete the work of removing the mold from your home by putting up containment units in the areas affected and then completing a specific process of cleaning with HEPA vacuums, anti-microbial cleaning liquids, and physically removing the mold effected materials out of your home or business. But is this a covered loss when it comes to insurance? In most cases, it is if you can find a covered cause of loss that led to mold growth. Typically, mold damage happens after there is water intrusion into the home or some type of plumbing issue or pipe leak that causes water to accumulate in areas it does not belong in your home.

Your first step should be to call an Experienced Public Adjuster which a private adjuster to help you find the cause of the loss and to determine if you have an insurance claim to cover the costs of the mold remediation and the resulting damages. A Public Adjuster is on your side and does not work for insurance companies. You will also need the money to fix the source or opening allowing water to enter the home. For example, it is typical for there to be extensive mold damage to a home if a Hurricane or Wind Storm creates an opening in the home and water intrudes into the home. It can then accelerate the mold growth in the humid environment especially if the power is lost during the storm leaving the home hot and humid without air-conditioning.