How can I prevent water damage?

Proper maintenance and care of your appliances can help ensure they don’t cause a water issue. Have a plumber come inspect your supply lines, drain lines, and overall plumbing to see if you have any at risk plumbing our outdated material. If you have a septic tank, monthly inspections can allow you to notice if anything looks amiss. You can also teach everyone who lives in your home where the water supply cutoff valve is, so they can turn it off in the event of an emergency.

Keep an eye on your water bill; a sudden increase one month may indicate a leaky pipe or something more severe. Also, if you notice any foul odors or black spots (mold) on the walls, you may want to call a mold hygienist. If you notice that you have damage it is always good to have a Public Adjuster come provide a free evaluation, so you can decide if an insurance claim is warranted. You may need to hire a Public Adjuster in most circumstances to get a fair settlement and to make sure your home is brought back to pre-loss condition. Call Experienced Public Adjusters for a free claim evaluation.

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