Tampa Public Adjusters

Tampa Public Adjuster

Who are Tampa public adjusters? Do they work for an insurance company?

A Tampa public adjuster is an insurance professional licensed by the state Department of Finance to represent the public in matters related to their home insurance claims. They receive a small percentage of the settlement amount as a fee. They do not work for the insurance company but you. Public adjusters are always at loggerheads with the insurance companies as they fight and negotiate for the maximum settlement amount for their clients. Insurance companies are driven by profit motives, so they tend to reduce or deny claims filed by their clients. To combat this situation, we have public adjusters who are there to serve the public and ensure that they are treated fairly.

Tampa is a cosmopolitan city in Florida, teeming with activity. A lot of new construction with top-of-the-line projects is attracting folks to its beautiful shores. Part of its charm lies in the historic Ybor City, which once was the hub of cigar manufacturers. When you purchase a home insurance policy to safeguard your cherished home from the vagaries of nature and other perils, you never imagine that something unfortunate will befall you. However, when you need to file a claim and approach your insurance company, you may find that the process is quite complicated. You’re already stressed by your circumstances and now you have to deal with your insurance company’s arguments. At a time like this, you need to think about your family and how you can get your life back on track. Hiring the services of a public adjuster lets you do just this!

Where can I find a good public adjuster in Tampa?

In Tampa, Experienced Public Adjusters are the best public adjusters. Let us tell you why!

  • We have a team of skilled public adjusters who understand property as well as insurance matters. They are discerning and can assess your situation to decide if other professional services of architects, engineers, or construction experts are required.
  • We are available round the clock, with a complete focus on your needs.
  • We are local, so we have a finger on the pulse of state statutes, building codes, etc.
  • We have experience and knowledge on our side which makes it easy to deal with insurance companies and understand their strategies.
  • Above all, we have a reputation for winning!

At Experienced Public Adjusters, we assist you right from the beginning when you decide to file an insurance claim. Our team is present at your home when the insurance adjuster comes to inspect the damages. We engage with the insurance representative and point out all the damages. Interpreting the insurance policy, understanding what documentation is required, and preparing a sound claim are some of our responsibilities. Throughout this process, we keep you informed so that you are aware. Finally, we negotiate with the insurance company to get you a fair settlement.

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