Experienced Public Adjusters is not able to recommend any specific insurance company in the State of Florida. Most insurance companies build their organizations to be for profit. Citizens and FIGA could be exceptions as they are Florida state-run insurance companies. FIGA insurance is assigned automatically to an insured when and if an insurance company in Florida becomes insolvent or bankrupt. If you would like more information on FIGA, please refer to the FIGA Act. Citizens is the insurer of last resort. When all other insurance companies pull out of a region, Citizens Insurance is required to step in and insure these homes.

For Insurance companies to increase or maximize their profit, they build their organizations based on the philosophy of denying insurance claims, delaying the claims process and/or payment to the insured, and in some cases prefer to defend with their legal team rather than pay you!

We would be happy to share with you some of the insurance companies that almost never pay claims fairly. We would say that all insurance companies typically underpay insurance claims. If you hire an Experienced Public Adjuster to handle your insurance claim,  we have found that in most cases we are able to get a fair settlement at the end of the process from Chubb and USAA.

If you are about to purchase insurance, we can provide you with this tip! All agents selling insurance in Florida, are required to carry a Florida license to do so. The regulatory agent that publishes the public record and status of an adjuster’s license is the Florida Department of Financial Services. We would always recommend you verify their license validity and appointment with the agency of choice when purchasing insurance from them. We would also recommend you look at how long an adjuster has been working as a licensed agent and decide if you think they have the knowledge and expertise needed to sell you an insurance policy that will meet your needs.  The language in insurance policies is meant to be hard to understand. Some,  if not most,  policies have what is called an option to repair clause or “our option” clause within the policy.  Be Careful, Be Smart, Be Diligent!  There are also certain endorsements you may require for specific insurance needs to make sure your home and valuables are covered.

If you have just suffered a loss to your home or business, we would be happy to review your current or potential insurance claim. We would also be happy to provide you with our opinion based on our claim experience with insurers in the State of Florida.

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