Theft and Vandalism Claims – Fort Lauderdale

What do I do if my house gets burgled? Will my homeowner’s insurance cover theft and Vandalism? How do I file an insurance claim for theft and Vandalism?

Fort Lauderdale is the eighth largest community in Florida and represents a potpourri of cultures and ethnicity. Living in Fort Lauderdale can be a refreshing experience. Its varied culture, a booming economy, and good educational institutes make it an attractive place to live in. However, the real estate prices are higher here than the national prices, as is evident from the average cost of homes that is $374,329. Here you can find some beautiful and expensive neighborhoods with breath-taking views in Rio Vista Boulevard, Nurmi Isles, Sunrise, and Bayview Drive. The overall picture of Fort Lauderdale provides us with a sense of well-being with responsible citizens, an excellent police force, and a flourishing economy.

However, like all big cities, Fort Lauderdale faces issues such as vacant housing (22.22% of the housing stock is empty) and a crime rate, including theft and Vandalism, higher than the Florida average. Certain neighborhoods like Home Beautiful Park, River Garden Sweeting Estate, Dillard Park, and Durrs Homeowners are not considered safe areas to live in. These are characterized by a high rate of unemployment, high crime rate, and low median income. With 16.9% of the population being below the poverty level, property crime is on the rise. One in 20 persons is likely to fall prey to a property crime in Fort Lauderdale. Therefore, it is essential that as a homeowner in Fort Lauderdale, you must purchase a home insurance policy that will protect you against property crimes like theft, vandalism, and burglary.

Standard homeowner’s insurance policies cover perils like theft and Vandalism under the following sections:

Coverage A: Structural damage during the burglary would be covered under this.

Coverage B: You would be able to claim if there was damage to other structures on your property, like an outhouse or a garage.

Coverage C: All your personal belongings would be covered under this.

Understand your coverage details clearly and ensure that you have adequate coverage to make up for your lost valuables. Please remember that your insurance company may deny your claim if they believe that you did not take adequate care of your belongings or if you did not report the theft and vandalism to the police. Also, if you were not in residence, then your existing policy will not protect you. 

The very thought that someone has unlawfully entered your home, the space that is so dear to you, and taken away your belongings can be a very unsettling experience. Dealing with the whole event may throw your life out of gear. But your life will be a lot easier if you have already purchased a homeowner’s insurance policy. So, the first thing to do is to dial the Emergency number to inform the police of the theft, then call your insurance company or, better still, call a public adjuster to take you through the process of filing your claim.

How to file a theft and Vandalism claim?

Filing a claim is the easier part, but getting an equitable settlement for your claim is difficult. Once you’ve called the police, make a list of things to do. Right up, first, call your insurance agent, ask him what documentation you need to keep ready. Then start taking photographs of the damage, if any. Find your list of valuables and start checking what’s missing. However, try not to touch the damaged stuff as the insurance adjuster needs to see it.

Contacting a public adjuster like Experienced Public Adjuster would go a long way in ensuring that the insurance company gives you a fair deal. Our team is professionally qualified and skilled in dealing with insurance companies. They understand the intricacies of the claims process and will assist you in getting a fair settlement.

Call us today for a free claim review, and meanwhile, keep safe!