Insurer Must Provide 48 Hours Notice For Inspections

If the insurance company shows up to my home unannounced do I have to let them in? NO

Most homeowners do not realize that they have some rights to their own homes when it comes to an insurance claim. In the State of Florida, the insurance companies have 90 days to pay or deny a claim. So it’s a common practice for an insurance company to rush out there before you hirer a Public Adjuster so they can make a payment usually an underpayment of a claim to meet the 90-day statutory requirement and then they can “Ghost” the homeowner that filed the claim even though they were not paid properly. So if you are filing an insurance claim you have the right to open the claim and seek a consultation with a Public Adjuster first before allowing the carrier to inspect the loss without you having your own expert present. We would always recommend at the minimum you have a free consultation with an Experienced Public Adjuster before you allow the carrier to inspect the loss. We believe you should always understand all aspects of the insurance claim process and make sure you have completed all your duties after a loss, not to mention you should have an expert advocate by your side to make sure you are paid fairly.

Hire Experienced Public Adjusters or request a Free Consultation at the time of the loss or before the inspection of your home takes place. You are not allowed to hinder their investigation but you are allowed 48 hours before they show up to your property and they have to provide notice in advance of who is company. The language in the Florida Statute below is clear. They can’t tell you the XYZ Adjusting Company is a company out without telling you who the actual adjuster is that is coming out. As you can read in the statute it says “independent adjuster” not “independent Adjusting Firm.” Then you should always do your research and check to see through the Department of Financial Services if they have a valid State of Florida Adjuster license and if they are sending a contractor, you have the right to look them up on The Department of Business and Professional Regulation if they have a valid contractors license in the State of Florida.

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Florida Statute 626.854 “Public adjuster” defined; prohibitions.13) A company employee adjuster, independent adjuster, attorney, investigator, or other persons acting on behalf of an insurer that needs access to an insured or claimant or to the insured property that is the subject of a claim must provide at least 48 hours’ notice to the insured or claimant, public adjuster, or legal representative before scheduling a meeting with the claimant or an onsite inspection of the insured property. The insured or claimant may deny access to the property if the notice has not been provided. The insured or claimant may waive the 48-hour notice. “The insurer may not exclude the public adjuster from its in-person meetings with the insured.