Fort Lauderdale Private Adjuster

What is a Private Adjuster? Is it the same as a public adjuster?

A public adjuster is sometimes called a private adjuster because they work for individuals and businesses but not large insurance companies. In Fort Lauderdale, people request the services of a private adjuster when they need assistance in filing home insurance claims after a disaster.

Buying real estate requires a lot of deliberation. You have to consider property taxes, the quality of schools, the type of the neighborhood, and, above all, the financial implications of homeowner’s insurance. Apart from this, the amount of home insurance coverage that you need is dictated by your home’s size, location, construction, and overall condition. If your house is located near the coast, like in Fort Lauderdale, it will generally cost more to insure than those inland. Besides, you will require separate flood insurance through a state-run insurance program.

When choosing your insurance coverage, be prepared to understand your deductibles well, as these are calculated as a percentage of your overall insurance coverage or, in some cases, may be a fixed dollar value deducted every time you file a claim. However, in Fort Lauderdale, in fact, in the whole of Florida, hurricane deductibles are not calculated for each storm but per season. Higher deductibles may apply for homeowner’s insurance claims when the cause of damage is ascribed to a hurricane in high-risk coastal areas. It may be difficult for you to envisage what may happen when there is damage to your property, so when buying your insurance policy, do consider getting law and ordinance coverage. Such coverage helps you cover the cost of reconstructing your home and upgrading it in line with current building codes.

Despite all the hard work you put into researching your insurance company, including checking out complaints and reviews, you may find that they’re not helpful when you most require their support. We believe that a local and reputed private adjuster like Experienced Public Adjusters should be called even before you call your insurance company so that you know what to say and how to state the facts, as all this is recorded. When the insurance field adjuster makes a site visit to inspect the damages, our team members will be there to answer questions and show the damages. You or the insurance adjuster may overlook some damages but not our public adjuster with an eye for detail. Starting the claims process on the right note sets the stage for events to unfurl smoothly. Our team includes adjusters, appraisers and insurance professionals so we understand the business well and assist you during each phase of the claims process. Our objective is to ensure that you receive the maximum possible settlement within your policy coverage.

Experienced Public Adjusters have a proven track record of successful claim settlements and once you have experienced the skill and knowledge of our team, you rarely will attempt to settle a claim without the benefit of our expert assistance. When you need a Fort Lauderdale private adjuster, reach out to Experienced Public Adjusters.