Concrete Tile Roofing Claims

Concrete tile roofing products like Barrel Tile Roofs are by far the most used here in Florida.

Concrete tile roofs weather very well in hurricane prone climates but do have a tendency to gather mold and dirt on their surfaces. Though these are not degrading factors to the life of the system, they do change the acceptability of the appearance of the tile roof itself. The climate due to high temperatures and humidity here in Florida promotes the growth of mold on the tile just as the nature of the concrete itself provides an excellent surface for the mold to attach itself.

Barrel Tile concrete lends itself far better to withstanding foot traffic, care must be taken as the roof is traversed. You should always expect that there will be some breaking of the tile every time they are trafficked. Broken tiles must be repaired.

Concrete tile roofing products typically come from the manufacturer with a 50 year limited warranty. It does not cover foot traffic and it does not cover the installation system. It will assure you that the tile will not degrade from normal environmental effects. The life of any tile roof rests with the installation system. The installation system consists of the quality of the underlayment used, the attention paid to the flashing details, and the attachment method used for the tile.

The most popular concrete tile roofing manufacturers are:

Hanson Roof Tile, Eagle Roofing Products, Monier Lifetile a Boral Roofing company, and Entegra Roof Tile. All of these companies have one or more production facilities right here in Florida.

Most of the time when filing an insurance claim in Florida for Roof Damage it will require an engineer to get the carrier to approve your roof replacement.

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