Water Damage Insurance Claim Winter Park

Huge oak trees covered with moss, narrow winding paths, and sparkling lakes welcome you to Winter Park. Internationally acclaimed Czech artist Albin Polasek lived here, and you can view his contribution to the history and culture of Winter Park in the rich heritage of sculptures at the Albin Polasek Museum and Sculpture Gardens. Winter Park has five beautiful lakes popular for paddle-boarding, kayaking, water skiing, boating, and fishing. Majestic mansions that are architectural marvels can be found along the dazzling lake-fronts.

Living in this picturesque resort city, you must protect your home by purchasing a homeowner’s insurance policy. Research shows us that one out of three homes in the United States has experienced a loss from water damage at some point, and it is the second most frequently filed insurance claim. Therefore, it is essential to protect your home from unforeseen incidents like water damage by purchasing a home insurance policy aligned to your needs from a reputed insurance carrier. Standard homeowner’s insurance policy provides coverage for your dwelling and personal property, along with coverage for other structures on your property, loss of use, medical payments, etc.

Accidental pipe bursts, wax seal leakage, sewage line breakage, malfunctioning of home appliances are some of the reasons for water to collect in your home. If not removed immediately, this collected water may lead to spoiling of clothes and drapes, staining of carpets and walls, destruction of valuables and electronics, rotting of wood, mold growth, bacteria growth, etc. Your home has a web of wires, pipes, and HVAC systems hidden behind walls. There may be trouble brewing behind your walls, and you may never know it until it’s too late. Water damage can happen gradually and quietly, spreading its tentacles unseen by you until the effects are noticeable, like mold, warping, or weakening the structure of your home. Regular maintenance will ensure this does not happen. Your insurance company will admonish you for the non-maintenance of your plumbing system and your insurance claim may get denied. Insurance companies are likely to entertain water damage claims if the water damage was sudden or accidental and not gradual. However, after reading the wordings of your policy carefully, an expert public adjuster will know whether, for example, the water damage resulting from a broken pipe or appliance is listed as being covered, then you may be paid for a part of the damage, but not for replacement of the pipe or appliance.

You should hire a public adjuster like Experienced Public Adjusters to help you with the claims process. We have a professional team of public adjusters who are licensed to represent you for your insurance claim. They will first review the exclusions in your policy as well as the type of coverage you have. They will want to ascertain if the water damage in your home falls under a category covered by your insurance policy like mold remediation, accidental water damage from a faulty HVAC system, drainage problems, etc. We also know when moisture mapping or thermal imaging technology is required to verify the water damage.

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