Urgent: Residential Homeowner's, COA's and HOA's! 10% Hurricane Irma Fee Cap Is About To Expire!

For One Year After An Executive Order Is Issued by The Governor Declaring A State Of Emergency A Public Adjuster Can Not Charge A Fee in Excess of Ten Percent. This Fee Cap Is About To Expire!

If you have a claim to file still or you feel you were underpaid now would be the time to contact a Licensed Public Adjuster! They Will Be Able To Charge 20%!

The Division of Agent and Agency Services’ Bureau of Investigation reminds public adjuster licensees of the following important laws related to adjusting claims located in the counties named in the Executive Order during a state of emergency declared by the Governor:

Section 626.854, Florida Statutes, provides specific direction regarding fees and the insured’s right of cancellation of a public adjusting contract.

  • Subparagraph (11)(b)1 states that a public adjuster may not charge, agree to, or accept any compensation, payment, commission, fee, or other thing of value in excess of ten percent of the amount of insurance claim payments made by the insurer for claims based on events that are the subject of a declaration of a state of emergency by the Governor. This provision applies to claims made during the year after the declaration of emergency.