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Many people in the United States do not know what a public adjuster is. If you would like to learn more about “What is a public adjuster?” click on the link above.

Who is the best Public Adjusters in the United States? Experienced Public Adjuster is licensed to adjust insurance claims in many of the 50 United States. We have offices from Florida to South Carolina and Licenses in Mississippi, Montana, South Carolina, Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, and are currently expanding to many other states and we are selling franchises in all 50 states in America. We are soon to be America’s favorite public adjusting firm. We are talented in specializing in different claim types in different markets. From crop damage and Ice Dams in Montana to hurricane and wind claims in Florida.

There are so many claim types in the residential and commercial claims industry that we specialize in. We even now specialize in private and commercial jets and luxury vehicles.

We will soon have our team or the highly educated, hardworking, dedicated team of claims adjusters with a desire to win for our clients while priding the highest levels of customer satisfaction. We are dedicated public servants that rely on our core values and moral compass to guide us to always make the decision during the insurance claims process that is always in the best interest of our insured or insureds.

We will soon be in every state to help the public in reaching a successful outcome in the insurance claim. Our goal is to make sure that every homeowner and business owner that has an insurance claim with a for-profit insurance company has the best adjuster representing them to help them reach a fair insurance settlement and to be treated fairly and promptly through the insurance claims process.

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Please search for us in each of the 50 United States as we are soon to be the United States Public Adjusters. We hope to earn the right to be called the best public adjusters in every state listed below:


Wildfire Claims

It’s estimated that 4.5 million U.S. homes are at high or extreme risk of wildfire, with over 2 million located

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Pipe Leak Claim

A pipe leak is a water damage problem that often tends to be ignored but can turn out to be


Chubb Home Insurance Claims

Your home is more than just a building you live in; it’s where some of your fondest memories are created


Wind Damage Claim

How do I file a wind claim? We can see from data released by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Roof Damage Claim

The top part of a building or construction is called a roof. It is placed on and supported by the


Hurricane Claims

Hire a Hurricane Public Adjuster! Hire a Tropical Storm Public Adjuster! Tropical Storms are often predicted to track toward Florida


Fire Damage Insurance Claims

As per 2018 data published by the National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS), there were 379,600 unique incidents of residential


Rising Water Flood Damage CLaim

Flooding has the potential to cause havoc and lead to a loss of life and property. Major floods down the


Luxury Vehicle Damage Insurance Claim

Luxury cars and other vehicles were once extremely rare, owned by a select few, the elite of society. Today, owning


Pipe Burst Claim

A burst pipe is a type of plumbing leak that causes massive water damage. Reports suggest that in the U.S.,


Plumbing Leaks Insurance Claims

As reported by the U.S Environment Protection Agency (EPA), almost 10,000 gallons of water are wasted every year due to


Water Damage Insurance Claims

There are many ways in which water can damage homes. Water can cause the destruction of valuables and damages to property


Yachts and Boats Insurance Claims

Boating is a popular sporting hobby in the US, with over 87 million people using a boat for recreational activities


Crop, Farm, and Livestock Damage

New changes in policies can make it difficult to be successful at winning a crop damage claim.  You need an

Farm Claims and Ranch Claims

Farm Public Adjusters and Ranch Public Adjusters Do you have damage to your farm or ranch property from a storm,

Ice Dam Damage

Snow Blizzards, Snow Storms, Ice Storms, leaving icicles may look nice after the storm if it’s Christmas time.

High Net Worth Home Insurance Claims Adjusters

Owning a high net worth home is a privilege that comes with great responsibility.

Water Damage Claim

Hiring the right Water Restoration Company or Fire Restoration Company is the first step to mitigating and documenting damages.

Hurricane Damage Insurance Claim

Hurricane Damage & Wind Damage Claim A Hurricane commonly called a tropical cyclone is a rapidly rotating storm system characterized by a low-pressure center,

Plumbing Leaks

Water damage can occur for a variety of reasons. Excess water in your home can come from pipes that burst


Mold Damage Insurance Claim

Is mold damage covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy? That answer depends on who you have your insurance policy with

Tornado Damage

If you’re looking for the most expertise and the best help with your tornado insurance claim, give our team at Experienced Public Adjusters the right to represent you. You will not regret it.


Lightning Damage Insurance Claims

A lightning strike can potentially create a fire in a home or commercial property.


Sinkhole Damage

Did you know that an estimated $3.5 million is spent every year on sinkhole claims by home insurance companies.


Roof Damage

Florida is prone to having Hurricane damage, heavy wind storms, and hail storms roof damage

Slab Leak Claim

Is a slab leak covered by insurance? Do I need to hire a Public Adjuster? Yes

Commercial Insurance Claim

Do you have a commercial loss to file as a commercial insurance claim? A commercial insurance claim is more advanced which requires a more experienced public adjuster.

Concrete Tile Roofing Claims

Concrete tile roofing products like Barrel Tile Roofs are by far the most used here in Florida.  But they are used in other states and are difficult to prove when insurance companies that are willing to keep your business give unethical opinions.

Large Loss Claims

Experienced Public Adjusters specializes in Large Loss Claims! For Large Loss, Insurance Claims you will be contacted by a Large loss claim expert.

Residential Property Insurance Claim

Experienced Public Adjusters handles Commercial and Residential Property Insurance Claims. We are based out of Orlando and specialize in Residential

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New Claim

Have a New Claim? Experienced Public Adjusters offers a free home consultation and inspection of your loss.

Underpaid Claim

Underpaid Claim Do you have an underpaid insurance claim? Are you sure you have been paid fairly? Call an Experienced Public Adjuster.

Denied Claim

Denied Claim? Do you know if your insurance carrier had the right to deny your claim? Were you denied a claim that should not have been covered? Let an experienced public adjuster take a look at your loss and your insurance policy.


HOA Claim & COA Claim

What’s Covered By A Condo Association or Homeowners Association’s Insurance Policy?  Do you have a COA insurance claim?

Submit a Claim

Request a Free Property Claim Review From An Experienced Public Adjuster!

Power-Outage Claims

Natural disasters like hurricanes, lightning storms, wind storms, and overloaded power grids are the most common causes of outages.

Business Interruption

Experienced Public Adjusters specializes in commercial loss claims. This requires an adjuster to have the experience and expertise to understand the forensic accounting of a business.


Vandalism & Theft Insurance Claim
Experienced Public Adjusters is here to help you with your vandalism or theft claim. It is more common than you think!

Fire Damage & Smoke Damage

For a homeowner, one of the most traumatic disaster occurrences is facing fire damage and smoke damage. Fires cannot be

Hail Damage

Florida is known for having massive hail storms that cause severe damage to property throughout the State during many seasons. Hail Damage is also common in many states such as Texas and others.
We specialize in all insurance policies in every state and those we have not represented claims in we will study the policies and learn not only the policy language to represent you in the best way possible but we are in the process of educating our team in each states statutes and building code so that we can be the best public adjusters in the United States.
We were founded by Owner, David Dwyer in Orlando, Florida. And our first office that was built in 1921 is a historic commercial property in Orlando, Florida.
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