Tropical Storm Gonzalo

Tropical Storm Gonzalo looks to be the first Hurricane to track toward the United States. Its current track has it approaching from the Atlantic Ocean and heading toward the United States. Hurricanes with high force winds will do extensive damages to homes and commercial properties. You will likely see roofs torn off, shingle removed, or even entire roofs lifted off homes. You can see flying objects like cars and boats strike structures not to mention the wind-borne debris like trees and anything not heald down strike buildings and any structures.

This storm could hit states like Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina and could go into the Gulf of Mexico or head up the Atlantic Ocean coastline of the United States.

Hurricane Gonzalo is on its way! Time to prepare and check your insurance policy in case you need to file a claim. Remember its always wise to contact a Public Adjuster right away!

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