Tampa Hurricane Damage

Being on the coast, Tampa is susceptible to Hurricane Damage

Tampa has witnessed a massive growth in its economy and population, making it the third-most populated city in Florida. Besides an influx of tourists, it has two very important military bases, which make city planning a strategic requirement. The government wants to focus on the Transforming Tampa’s Tomorrow initiative or T3. This strategy aims to improve the lifestyle of the people, protect the citizens, and it also includes housing affordability.

As a resident and homeowner in Tampa, you are proud of the city’s growth. However, you also know that the city often has to combat natural disasters like hurricanes. This has been amply evidenced by the 1921 hurricane that brought about unprecedented property loss. Tampa Bay is the central attraction of the city and generates huge revenue. However, it has a unique geographical feature that acts as a disadvantage during a storm. As the bay moves away from Mexico towards Tampa, it gets shallower and narrower. Therefore, during a hurricane, the turbulent wind raises the bay water level and wreaks havoc on the land.

What happens after a hurricane?

Hurricanes are difficult to predict, so you need to have preventive measures in place. The most sensible option available to deal with such a challenging situation is getting home insurance. However, immediately after a hurricane, you must look out for warnings or instructions announced by the government or rescue teams. If there is flood water in your locality, it is better not to step out. Also, note that most homeowners’ insurance does not cover flood damage. For that, you need to buy separate flood insurance from the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), managed by FEMA. The next best thing to do is switch off the main power and avoid using any electrical device. If you hear any strange noises from your building, move to a safer location because a hurricane can weaken and demolish houses and create cracks in your plumbing system.

Why do you need to contact a public adjuster?

Insurers might not always sanction your claim because almost 0.4 million people live in Tampa, making your insurance adjusters’ lives very busy indeed! While insurers will try to maximize their profits by denying claims or granting a meager amount, a public adjuster will ensure you get a fair settlement. You, therefore, require the services of a reputed public adjuster like Experienced Public Adjusters in Tampa. We understand your helplessness, emotional trauma, and financial pressure after a natural calamity like a hurricane. Our team is dedicated to helping you get a financial claim from your insurer so that you can make your house beautiful again. We invest our effort to educate you about your rights and analyze the amount of damage caused. Estimating or evaluating the damage is an essential part of the claims process.

Therefore, we give you individual attention by meticulously documenting everything and gathering substantial evidence to highlight your cause. Our team follows a strict timeline so that there is no question of having your claim denied. We understand claiming insurance money is a strenuous process, but not when you have our support.

Contact Experienced Public Adjusters for hurricane-related claims in Tampa and say goodbye to your worries.