Public Adjusters New York

With a population of over 19.8 million, New York state covers an area of 54,555 sq miles. Albany is its capital, and it has six U.S states bordering it – Pennsylvania and New Jersey to the south, and Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Vermont to the east. In the north, it shares borders with the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec. It also touches the Atlantic Ocean in the southeast, and Lake Erie in the west and Lake Ontario in the northwest.

New York state’s vast regions of wilderness make it an attractive proposition for hiking and skiing. Lake Placid is popular with tourists for its ski jump areas and ice-skating rink as it once hosted the 1980 Winter Olympics. Other than tourism, New York state’s economic pillars are financial services, health care, professional services, retail trade, manufacturing, and education. Culturally, New York state has enriched music across genres – right from Salsa, Jazz, Folk and Rock and Roll, to Classical.

Among the most populous cities in the state are New York City, Buffalo, Rochester, Yonkers, and Syracuse.

New York City has the distinction of having been the new nation’s first capital – George Washington was sworn in as president here. The Statue of Liberty, a world-famous symbol of freedom, gifted by France in 1886, is erected here on Liberty Island. Times Square is known for Broadway theatres and cinemas. The headquarters of the United Nations is located here. The New York Stock Exchange, better known as Wall Street, with a market capitalization of more than $20 trillion, is the world’s largest stock exchange. Buffalo has a thriving service sector and is a diversified economy.

Jericho, Great Neck Gardens, Great Neck Estates, Great Neck Plaza, Kensington, and Chelsea, are some great places to live in New York City. Brighton in Rochester, Williamsville, in Buffalo, has some good quality houses.

In order to enjoy living in your own home with all your prized possessions, you need peace of mind, and that comes when you protect your home with a reputed and reliable home insurance company. In 2004 Hurricane Ivan and Hurricane Frances and in 2012 Hurricane Sandy caused a lot of damage to property, according to the Property Claim Services (PCS) unit of ISO. Besides these natural disasters, you need to be cognizant of other types of damage that may occur like fire, leaks, power outage, mold damage, theft, vandalism, etc.

Many insurance firms offer their services to homeowners in New York state, notably Travelers Companies Inc., Berkshire Hathaway Inc., Liberty Mutual, AIG, Hartford Financial Services, Zurich, CNA, Tokio Marine Group and AmTrust Financial.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, the annual premium amount paid by homeowners in New York state is $1309 on average, while the amount for those who rent homes is $194. 

Understanding and interpreting the clauses in your policy document, especially when you are undergoing the trauma of loss, can be quite trying. Further, completing the paperwork for a claim, and ensuring that you receive the best possible settlement can be very annoying and exhausting. That’s when you need a public adjuster, who is qualified, professional, and experienced, to represent your interests and negotiate on your behalf with the insurance company. Public adjusters in New York must be licensed from the New York State Department of Insurance, and they are legally able to represent the rights of an insured during an insurance claim process.

A public insurance adjuster will assist you to understand your coverage, assess the extent of losses, and prepare estimates, and documentation for the claim. Contact Experienced Public Adjusters to help you with all aspects of filing an insurance claim in New York.