Private Adjuster in Orlando

Orlando, Orange County is dotted by lakes and situated about 60 miles northwest of Melbourne and 85 miles northeast of Tampa. Population and economic growth soared after 1950 when the Cape Canaveral aerospace complex was developed. The growth got a further boost with the opening of Walt Disney in 1971 and the acquisition of a National Basketball Association franchise (Orlando Magic) in 1987.

You may not want to pay for insurance but it is a necessity when you own a house. It protects you against any unexpected catastrophic events that can damage your home and property. If you experience water damage due to a pipe burst or roof damage caused by a storm or any such peril as listed in your home insurance policy you must file a claim with your insurer. Although your insurance can help cover the damages due to such disasters, as a property owner, you may wonder how do you make a claim and agree on the amount you must get for the damages?

You call your insurer and report the incident. The company will send their adjuster to survey the damage and give you an estimated repairing cost. Once you and your insurance company agree on the amount, you receive the money and pay for the repairs.

But what happens if you cannot reach an agreement with your insurance company? A public adjuster can help you present your case to the insurer and get the maximum amount permissible under the terms of your insurance policy. Some people refer to them as private adjusters too.

Many owners are unaware of public adjusters and assume the insurance adjuster works on their behalf, keeping in mind their best interests. However, insurance adjusters work for the insurer and keep the company’s best interest in mind. You hire a public adjuster and you will pay for their services, which is often a percentage of the claim amount. Contact a reliable public adjuster in Orlando like Experienced Public Adjusters, especially if your claim is more than $10000 so that you are represented properly and receive the full amount of the claim settlement.

Our team of public adjusters adheres to strict standards laid down by the state authorities and possess the necessary training and knowledge to get licensed. We review your policy document (which can be dozens of pages) in detail to understand the various stipulations and provisions. You may find it challenging to understand the legal and technical jargon. The entire procedure for filing and receiving the claim is long and tedious. If you don’t organize the documents properly, you may not know what benefits you are entitled to receive. 

Our expert team at Experienced Public Adjusters utilizes experience, expertise, and knowledge to procure maximum entitlements under the policy terms. Although you can prepare your claim, remember you must read the policy to understand the terms and conditions, document the loss, prepare the claim, and follow up with the insurer. You probably don’t have the time or the expertise to do this.

For your insurance claims in Orlando, contact Experienced Public Adjusters on (888) 881-8416.