Ocala Public Adjusters

Located in North Florida, west of Jacksonville, Ocala is the county seat of Marion County. Founded in 1849 Ocala is known for its beautiful old oak trees and its southern charm and hospitality. Public Adjusters of Ocala are professional property loss claim supervisors who investigate the whole process from the initial review of your insurance claim to the final settlement check. They handle all legalities, including document collection, photographs of the property, finalizing the exact amount of the claim & negotiating with the insurance company.

The team at Experienced Public Adjusters educates the people of Florida, teaching them to fight for their rights and also helps them understand the whole process. They assist them in gathering all the information required to file a full claim and get paid for their insured loss.

There are laws that govern how insurance claims must be handled by the insurance companies. Oftentimes, the adjuster working on behalf of the insurance company is ignorant of these laws but learns them very quickly once we are involved. We point out where they are violating the rights of our clients and educate them on how to legally perform their duties under the law. Many of our team of Public Adjusters came from the insurance companies and now work to advocate on your behalf.

The experienced public adjusters are the representatives of claimants or policyholders legalized by the government of Florida who love to serve the people of their state and save their money from being stolen in the form of unpaid claims. To have a free consultation for your damage property claim, contact us.