John St Fleurant Public Adjuster

John St Fleurant
Public Adjuster at Experienced Public Adjuster, LLC

John St. Fleurant has over twelve years of experience in the insurance industry. From writing policies to reviewing and processing claims to helping the insured understand policy language complexities, he has worked with some of the top insurance firms such as Mutual of Omaha and AIG (just to name a few).

Due to his exceptional experiences, John has worked as both an Sales Manager overseeing a team of agents for several companies and a broker representing multiple companies servicing clients with various insurance solutions. From selling new policies to providing information on claims to clients, one of John’s specialties is interpreting the policy language which enables him to thoroughly educate his clients on clauses, exclusions, laws, benefits, entitlements of the policy.

Over his tenure in working closely with clients’ claims, John has filed, processed, and solved a plethora of claims on behalf of clients with satisfaction. John’s experience, knowledge, and ability in the industry allows him to work at a rapid paste while maintaining excellent customer service satisfaction as his main priority.

As an Adjuster, whether it’s a small or large claim, John continues to work diligently to deliver satisfactory results to his clients. He is well-rounded in experience always on cue ready to serve and solve insurance inquiries for his clients.