Hurricane Damage

Hurricane Damage Public Adjusters

Hurricanes have come more frequently they say over the past few years. These devastating high-velocity wind events each year usually cause billions of dollars in property damage. In the last few years, the damages have been devastating to the Gulf of Mexico states. When a hurricane makes landfall the damage to homes from wind is extensive but the additional damage from an insurance claim from water damage even though it is filed as a hurricane claim as the peril.

It is always best to call a Public Adjuster to have them come out before you open the claim but do not wait too long. We are telling you if a public insurance adjuster can get out to your home with 24 hours then you may want to consider waiting. We are license in Mississippi, Florida, South Carolina, and North Carolina that are common states to get hit by major hurricanes.

The law in Florida specifically gives you up to five years to file and recover from damages except for Hurricanes. There is a special Florida Statute that limits this to 3 years from the date the Governor announces an official State of Emergency.

Once you have that insurance claim open you have many years to hire a public adjuster to make sure you are paid fairly or to lease have a free hurricane claim review to see if you were paid fairly and treated fairly. We can assure you that we have never seen a Hurricane Insurance claim pay the fair amount when the insurance company is only dealing with the insured. There is always money left on the table for a Public Adjuster to recover from the insurance company.

Why not let someone take a fee look? You lose nothing for having a claim evaluation but not having it looked at could cost you tens of thousands of dollars.