What To Look and Smell For To Tell If I Have black mold?

You will SMELL something off, usually and musty smell or damp odor smell. And mold is pretty easy to see it will be a growth discoloration usually where there is or was moisture or water, typically from a loss. The only person qualified to tell you for sure if you have black mold and what type of black mold is a License Mold Assessor who will perform swab tests and air cell tests and send them off to a lab for verified results and spore counts.

There so many types of mold but it’s common for people to refer to dangerous molds as Black mold. It can be green, black, gray, and sometimes look dark blue. It forms in clusters in specific areas and can sometimes look fluffy growing outward and like a foreign object in an area of your home that it does not belong.

Most policies provide mold coverage except State Farm typically does not afford such coverage for mold. If you have a water loss or a loss that caused water intrusion or high levels of moisture into your home it’s likely you have an insurance claim.

Once you have discovered what you think is mold and you are unsure if you have an insurance claim, then call Experienced Public Adjusters for a Free Onsite Inspection.

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