What is an EUO or Examination Under Oath?

Do you have to attend a requested EUO or Examination Under Oath? That depends on your policy and what type of 1st party or 3rd party you are! Do you have privity of contract and does the language of your insurance policy require it?

What is an examination under oath?

EUO insurance companies use as a scare tactic trying to make honest people feel like they are being dishonest or are committing insurance fraud. An examination under oath is not something you want to attend without legal representation or a public adjuster present. We would recommend an attorney is the best representation for this because they can object to questions that are not claim related when a Public Adjuster does not have the right to do the same.  An Examination Under Oath is an on the recorded proceeding that is under oath during which the insured is recorded and transcribed by a court reporter, and is questioned in most cases by the insurance company paid attorney and or the insurance company representative or SIU investigator. Just take a deep breath and you will get through it. Just tell the truth and usually, when this examination under oath is completed they will make their coverage decision and pay or deny the claim so the process can move on to close the fairly paid claim or be litigated.

Do not let your insurance company with deep pockets scare you from continuing with an insurance claim or they win. An insured is usually required to sit for this EUO because they have “privity of contract” because they exchange the payment of their premium for the language and coverage offered in the insurance policy. However, a Public Adjuster is a 3rd party and does not have privity of contract and is not required to sit for an Examination Under Oath.

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