How Do I Know If I Have Dangerous Black Mold?

How do I know if I have Black Mold? Is it dangerous?

Mold is something you can smell usually or you will be able to physically see it growing. Mold will display many different colors sometimes green, blue, gray, and sometimes black. It will have damp sometimes musty like odor. Mold Damage occurs most commonly from some sort of water damage that has occurred and is possibly covered by your insurance policy. Black mold can be some of the most dangerous types of molds. If you see or smell mold you need to have someone locate the cause or the source of the loss that created the mold. Hire an Experienced Public Adjuster to determine the cause of the covered insurance loss. Then you should hire a Licensed Mold Assessor to perform swab test and air cell tests that they send off to a lab to test the types of molds and the number of mold spores. This will allow the Licensed Mold Assessor to write a protocol so that the mold damage can be remediated. Then a Mold Assessor will return when the Mold remediation is completed to provide you a Post Remediation Verification which is a certificate that demonstrates that the area that had mold damage is now clear from the dangerous molds that could affect you and your families health. And if you own a business it would protect you, your clients, and your employee’s health and also stop the mold from expanding and causing additional damage.  Look up the Stachybotrys if you want to look at one of the more dangerous molds according to experts.