Do You Have Water Damage?

Water damage can happen in a home or business because of many covered and uncovered insurance policy claims. Knowing the insurance policy you purchased is very important to know if you have any specific exclusion in regards to water damage or water losses. You may want to re-evaluate your policy or talk to your insurance agent who sold it to you. Water flooding or water damaging parts of your home or your business unexpectedly can cause more damage than you would ever think. Not only does water damage the things you can visibly see but it will sit inside your structure walls, attic, under floors, pool under the roofing shingles, and damage roof decking, and many more places. If you can think of a hidden place it can hide, it will also always look for its lowest point. And if water can be hidden so can the mold the is the result of sitting water especially in a high humidity environment.  Water damage in your home can be from a burst pipe, plumbing leak or plumbing leaks, pinhole copper pipe leak, cast iron pipe leak or burst, dishwasher discharge, or from the supply line, and the list can go on! 

Water Damage Statistics

  • According to about 40 percent of homeowners in the United States, they have at least experienced one loss from water damage. Now that does not mean each has filed an insurance claim. 

Water losses are traditionally thought to come from pipes but you have to think also about the wind that creates openings in your home that cause damages. Take a Hurricane, Tropical Storm, or Hail Storm for example. All of those covered insurance perils in most cases will be covered under your insurance policy.

Our advice is to hire an Experienced Public Adjuster to make sure you have coverage, to locate the true cause of the loss, and to help you if you have a valid insurance claim to recover the money owed to you by your insurance company.