Do I Have Black Mold?

Most people do not know how many types of mold there are. There are so many types that only a professional should evaluate what you suspect to be mold or black mold. Hire a Licensed Mold Assessor who is qualified to provide you the answers you are looking for. Mold will have a certain kind of strange odor usually a musty odor. It will be hidden behind walls, flooring, in attics, around air conditioning vents, there are so many places mold can hide. It has been said the black mold could possibly cause cancer. (Only an expert in the field of scientific mold studies, a Doctor, or a licensed Mold Assessor should answer questions related to the health effects of mold.)

If you do see it or think you see mold it may be green, gray, light or dark blue, or black. Those are the common colors. Then you need to determine the cause of the moisture or water damage in your home or business that is the catalyst for mold growth. If you think you may have a mold damage insurance claim most likely you have a water damage claim that caused the mold damage. Then you need to check your policy to see if you have mold coverage. Let someone experienced in insurance policies and insurance claims offer a free inspection and review of your possible claim.

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