Florida like many states is known for having massive hail storms that cause severe hail damage to property throughout the State during many seasons of the year. 

If you suspect that a hail storm has damaged your home, or you have visible signs of damage then your best bet is to have an Experienced Public Adjuster come out and assess the damage to see if you have a possible insurance claim. An Experienced Public Adjuster will not only inspect your home but will go over your policy with you and explain your deductible and coverage. This will allow you the opportunity to make an informed decision about filing a claim against your business insurance or homeowner’s insurance policy. If you decide to file a claim an Experienced Public Adjuster is there to help you document the loss, take photographs, provide guidance and expertise, meet with the insurance adjusters, engineers, building consultants that will come out paid for by the carrier, of course, to determine how much you should be paid. A public adjuster fights for you and understands what’s required under Florida Statutes and will understand the language, coverages, and exclusions within your policy.

Public adjusters are your advocate and work for you to help you reach the maximum settlement the carrier should be required to pay for the damages you sustained. In our opinion, it is always best to call a public adjuster before you call in a claim. That way you know exactly how the claim should be handled from start to finish to reach a fair settlement. Please call Experienced Public Adjusters today for a free claim review at (407) 212-8669 or submit your information on our contact form and you will be contacted back immediately by one of our Experienced Public Adjuster.