Water Damage in Tampa

Have you ever wondered about the kind of harm that water can do to your belongings and if your home insurance will be helpful in such a situation?

Known for its tourist attractions, Tampa is located on the west coast of Florida. You can find top-of-the-line entertainment like amusement parks, themed gardens like Busch Gardens, and a fun zoo to spend a wonderful evening with your family on vacation. While it may be soothing to enjoy the flowing waters in the Hillsborough River and the Tampa Bay, when the water happens to collect in places where it has no business to be, it can be pretty destructive.

In Tampa, the weather is like a rollercoaster, switching between bright sunlight that makes you tan and stormy winds with heavy rains that can create havoc in your life. This means you always have to be on guard against natural calamities, among other risks. You’ve spent your hard-earned money in purchasing your dream home, and it can be heartbreaking to see it all destroyed due to no fault of yours. So, purchasing good home insurance is a must as it protects your home against a multitude of perils, including water damage. However, it’s essential to know that water damage due to floods as a result of natural disasters like hurricanes and tropical storms is covered by a separate policy issued by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and managed by FEMA. 

Water damage can manifest in mold, damp floors, stained walls, rusted steel, rotten wood, and much more. The moment you notice standing water in your home, call your insurance provider and start taking photographs. You may notice only the obvious damage like walls and floors, but water has a way of inveigling itself into the very fabric of your construction. It can damage your personal belongings, curtains, carpets, artifacts, paintings, electronics, etc, so the sooner you notice it and report it, the better it is for your insurance claim. Insurance companies are reluctant to part with their money easily, so they’ll try to prove that the water damage was gradual and not sudden, and your claim is bound to be denied. You’ll need to fill out never-ending forms to state your problem. Then at every step, you have to explain your case a thousand times and argue that your loss is, in fact, genuine. All this can cause you a lot of stress.

That’s where we, Experienced Public Adjusters, come into the picture; we have been dealing with insurance companies for a long time and know how they work. We help you at every step, from filling out necessary forms to arguing with the insurance company and everything in between. All you have to do is sit back and relax and leave the insurance headache to us. Our team of professionals has expertise in dealing with water damage insurance cases so that you get a justified settlement. We have a reputation to live up to, and you can rest assured that Experienced Public Adjusters will support you throughout the claim process.

Dial Experienced Public Adjusters today and get a claim review for your water damage in Tampa.