Bryan Vaughn works as a preferred contracted Public Adjuster on behalf of Experienced Public Adjusters, LLC and is also the Owner of Settlement Claims Services.

Settlement Claim Services has a proven track record from all sides of the insurance world.  The owner, Bryan Vaughn, started out as a licensed building contractor in northwest Missouri until he moved with his family to Central Florida.  Here he began by working several years for two of the largest Insurance companies in the country, where he learned every facet of how an insurance company thinks, acts and pays.

This knowledge is priceless when it comes to now representing the homeowner because Bryan understands policy language and coverages better than most insurance company adjusters.  This, coupled with the fact that he does consulting work for the largest attorney firm in the southeast United States, Bryan can defend any claim and maximize the settlement to get you enough to pay your contractor of choice.

Aside from public adjuster services, Bryan is also a certified Insurance Appraiser and Umpire for alternative claim dispute resolution.  He can represent and defend your side of the claim with the same assertiveness and knowledge he brings to the table as a public adjuster.