Brianna Bahus is the current Corporate Executive Administrator at Experienced Public Adjusters, LLC. She is responsible for preparing correspondence, supporting the Chief Executive Officer, managing schedules, and supervising junior employees, to mention but a few of her duties.

In her work, Brianna boasts superior organizational skills, a confidential approach, great event management, and software skills. Brianna excels in her role as a Corporate Executive Administrator because she already has rich and extensive experience in management and customer service operations.

Brianna is well known in the industry for her strong work ethic and hardworking approach. She is a dedicated employee and always completes tasks to the best of her abilities. She thrives in a fast-paced work environment and can take the responsibility of making important decisions.

She has had a lot of experience in leadership and management roles. Previous to her current role she was working as an administrative assistant and team leader. In these positions, Brianna honed and developed her teamwork and decision-making skills. She’s become an invaluable part of the Public Insurance Adjuster team at Experienced Public Adjusters and an asset to the executive board.

Before joining the Experienced Public Adjusters family, Brianna was a Customer Service Representative and Real-time Analyst at Intouch Orlando. She worked with this company for several years and learned how to be a leader and adapt to changing circumstances. This is what makes Brianna stand out. She has worked her way from the ground up to become an industry and community leader.

In her work, Brianna values transparency and professional work ethics under every circumstance. She’s a trusted colleague and an important part of every company she has worked with.

Currently, Brianna studied Business Administration at Valencia College. She has an authentic passion for business and is enjoying the challenge of the new role.

Employment Law Fred Pryor Seminar Course-Completed in 2020

Tel: (407) 212-8669
Location: Corporate Headquarters
Orlando, Florida
Email: administrator@experiencedpublicadjusters.com